Smart Tech Resolutions is your small business tech support.
We understand the needs of small business and is passionate about ensuring that small business owners have the support they need so that they can focus on their core business function. 
 In turn, this enables business owners to have the work/life balance that they strive for. Giving them more time at home with their loved ones outside of work hours without needing to dwell over IT issues. 

Meet the Team

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 Matthew Yeo

Matthew has been working with computers from an early age. His passion lies in helping people understand their technology better and enabling them to use it to benefit their business.
Being a small business owner himself, Matthew understands the struggles of having your own business and not always having the expertise across every aspect. Matthew is the IT guy you can call on to make your days easier. Eliminating the need for IT struggles makes your workday smoother, ensuring you get home on time for your evenings away from your business.
Matthew likes to remove IT jargon from his consultations and always “speaks no geek”. He does this to ensure his clients understand what’s going on.

                                Natalie Smith

Natalie is a marketing professional who’s held various roles in the corporate world, but has recently stepped into the small business environment herself. Natalie now supports Matthew with the marketing and content writing for Smart Tech Resolutions. Natalie’s creativity is the ideal contrast to Matthew’s technical mind and adds creative flair to the business.